Geijerskolan internationella musikveckan

International Music Week

21th July – 28st July 2024.
You are very welcome to this course in the heart of Sweden. 
Here you will not only be able to play the course repertoire, but also have time to be together and make music with your course mates. 

Geijerskolan invites choristers and musicians to THE INTERNATIONAL MUSIC WEEK at Geijerskolan, a folk high school in the beautiful province of Värmland.
The daily work starts with choir for all and continues with instrument groups.
Recorders, crumhorns and similar instruments, strings, brass and a big choir enable us to do almost everything in the classic repertoire,
both chamber music and orchestral music.
The programs of the days include improvised evening entertainment in which everyone can take part with music, dances or other kinds of performances. We even have a youth choir for the younger participants. You will also have the opportunity to attend morning and evening prayers at the school’s old chapel.
The main part of the rehearsals concentrates
on two concerts.
These concerts are given at the end of the week as a final performance. 

Every year we work with a great piece of music.

2024 we will work with:
Choir: Mass of the Children by John Rutter
Youth choir: We will inform you as soon as we know
Big Band: Easy and medium difficult jazz standards from swing to rock
Strings: We will inform you as soon as we know.
Recorders: We will inform you as soon as we know.

Course participants: The number of participants
will be around 140 (mixed age) and approx. 15 places will be reserved for recorder players
and crumhorn (curved horn) players, and 15 places for string and wind (both wood and brass) instruments.
Family members will be allowed to come along to the week according to the availability of accommodation.
Since the course lasts only one week, a good sheet reading ability is needed to fully
enjoy the course.
Minimum age for string and recorders: 14 years.
Children and teenager under 18 years have to be accompanied by an adult.

Musical direction: 
Hanna Sandman (choir)
Eckhard Thiel (youth choir and band)
Per-Henrik Vincent (recorders)
Anders Wall (strings and orchestra)
Petra Dreher (Big Band)

The course begins on Sunday 21rd July at 4 p.m. with dinner, and finishes on Sunday 28rd July with lunch. It is possible to come on Saturday, 20nd July. You pay an extra fee (180 SEK) for dinner, room and breakfast. It is important to inform us about your day of arrival on the application form.

Costs and other facts

Cost for food and lodging
A Single room with toilet, Ceciliagården: 6.490 SEK
B Double room with toilet, Ceciliagården: 5.870 SEK
C Single room with toilet: 5.970 SEK
D Double room with toilet: 5.460 SEK
E Single room shared toilet: 5.510 SEK
F Double room shared toilet: 5.200 SEK
Bedlinen: 100 SEK
Pictures and more information about accommodation here. (in Swedish)
Children under five years free.
Children between 5-12 year get a 75% discount.
Children between 13-16 year get a 50% discount.
50% discount for students.

If you choose to stay in alternative accommodation, the school charges 3.800 SEK (food included).

Further information: 
Geijerskolan, SE-684 93 Ransäter. Tel +46 552 30250.

Welcome to a stimulating and inspiring music week!

1st February – 30rd April 2024